08 AUG 2013 by ideonexus

 The Siren Server

A Siren Server, as I will refer to such a thing, is an elite computer, or coordinated collection of computers, on a network. It is characterized by narcissism, hyperamplified risk aversion, and extreme information asymmetry. It is the winner of an all-or-nothing contest, and it inflicts smaller all-or-nothing contests on those who interact with it. Siren Servers gather data from the network, often without having to pay for it. The data is analyzed using the most powerful available computers, ...
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Web services that entice people to contribute to them, and whose contributions are then aggregated in various forms for the profit of the server owner.

31 JUL 2011 by ideonexus

 Parenting is Receiving as Well as Giving

As a new parent, you may feel sometimes that all children do is take from you, but it is just a form of giving in disguise. Kids present you with an ear infection, but what they are really giving you is patience. They present you with a tantrum, but they are really giving you the honor of witnessing a developing personality. Before you know it, you’ve raised up another human being. You realize what a great privilege it is to be a steward of another life. I said that parenting is all about ...
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We give and give and give to our children, but in return we get to experience the wonder of watching a life develop.