12 DEC 2011 by ideonexus

 Human Behavior is Dictated by Laws of Nature, but Too Com...

While conceding that human behavior is indeed determined by the laws of nature, it also seems reasonable to conclude that the outcome is determined in such a complicated way and with so many variables as to make it impossible in practice to predict. For that one would need a knowledge of the initial state of each of the thousand trillion trillion molecules in the human body and to solve something like that number of equations. That would take a few billion years, which would be a bit late to ...
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So the hypothesis that we have freewill is convenient, and the Economic model that we act in our best interests helpful, but not always correct.

21 MAY 2011 by ideonexus

 Animal Instinct and Child Birth

What, then, is the difference between human and other animals? Are their bodies made differently? As a matter of fact they are remarkably similar. Cat and dog bodies are used in premedical anatomy studies due to the similarity of structures with identical name and function. Is it that they just can't experience pain? Following a natural-childbirth newspaper article, an indignant letter to the editor asserted cats can have kittens without pain because they cannot feel pain as human beings do...
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Humans don't have instincts when it comes to childbirth, but they can train for it.