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 Mental States in Gamer Mastery

Learning State While in the learning state of mind your objective should be to concentrate on learning and experimentation. You should play to win, and take matches seriously, but not be afraid to try different strategies for the purpose of learning. In this state you aim to maximize your learning, not your win-percentage. Feel free to think about your moves, what would have happened if you took another route, what you are going to try in the next matchup and so on. It is only beneficial to...
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 The Chain of Human Rights to Morphological Freedom

The right to life, the right to not have other people prevent oneself from surviving, is a central right, without which all other rights have no meaning. But to realize the right to life we need other rights. Another central right for any humanistic view of human rights is the right to seek happiness. Without it human flourishing is unprotected, and there is not much point in having a freedom to live if it will not be at least a potentially happy life. In a way the right to life follows from...
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From Anders Sandberg's "Morphological Freedom – Why We Not Just Want It, but Need It"

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Folksonomies: consciousness freewill
Folksonomies: consciousness freewill

a field that exist in it’s own parallel realm of existence outside reality so can’t be seen - substance dualism

consciousness and it’s states are functions the brain performs - functionalism

a physical property of matter like electromagnetism , just not one we know about -property dualism

all matter has a psychic part , consciousness is just the psychic part of brain -pan psychism

mental states are physical events that we can see in brain scans -identity theory

a sensation that grows inevitably out of complicated mental states - emergent dualism

literally just behaviour ,when we behave in certain way we appear conscious -behaviourism

an accidental side effect of complex physical processes in brain -epiphenomenalism

quantum physics over classical physics can better explain it -quantum consciousness

the sensation of your most significant thoughts being highlighted - cognivitism

consciousness is higher order of thoughts ,thought about other thoughts - higher order theory

a continuous stream of ever recurring phenomena ,pinched like eddies into isolated minds -buddhism