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 The Stages of Moral Development

Kohlberg outlined a progressive process for moral development: 1. Avoiding punishment. Moral reasoning starts out at a fairly primitive level, focused mostly on avoiding punishment. Kohlberg calls this stage pre-conventional moral reasoning. 2. Considering consequences. As a child’s mind develops, she begins to consider the social consequences of her behaviors and starts to modify them accordingly. Kohlberg terms this conventional moral reasoning. 3. Acting on principle. Eventually, the ...
Folksonomies: development ethics morality
Folksonomies: development ethics morality
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Three stages of moral development, of which the third many people never reach.

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 The Samurai, or "Voluntary Nobility"

I reflected. "What else may not the samurai do?" "Acting, singing, or reciting are forbidden them, though they may lecture authoritatively or debate. But professional mimicry is not only held to be undignified in a man or woman, but to weaken and corrupt the soul; the mind becomes foolishly dependent on applause, over-skilful in producing tawdry and momentary illusions of excellence; it is our experience that actors and actresses as a class are loud, ignoble, and insincere. If they have not ...
Folksonomies: voluntary nobility
Folksonomies: voluntary nobility
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The voluntary nobility of H.G.Wells Utopia may not sing or act, as professional mimicry is undignified.