29 DEC 2013 by ideonexus

 Morse Code Syllabic Mnemonics

LetterMorse CodeMnemonicA·-a-JARB-···BOOT to the headC-·-·CO-ca CO-laD-··DRAC-u-laF··-·for the FAIR-esG--.GOO-GOL-plex (a 1 with a googol zeros)H····hippity hopI··dig-It, ibid.J·---he's-J-JONAH-JAMESONK-·-KICK the CAN,L·-··to 'ELL with it!M--MMMM-MMMMN-·NOO-gieO---ONE OF USP·--·did POP POP itQ--·-GOD SAVE the QUEENR·-·ro-TA-tionU··-gid-dy UPV···-Beethoven's FIFTH (V'th)W·--the WORLD WARX-··-X marks the SPOTZ--··ZSA ZSA did it
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A chart of syllables to help memorize morse code.