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 Adaptive Regression

There are numerous vital experiences that cannot be achieved without adaptive regression: The creation and appreciation of art, music, literature, and food; the ability to sleep; sexual fulfillment; falling in love; and, yes, the ability to free-associate and tolerate psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapy without getting worse. Perhaps the most important element in adaptive regression is the ability to fantasize, to daydream. The person who has access to his unconscious processes and mines ...
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Folksonomies: ideas creativity perception
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Joel Gold on the exercise of fantasy and imagination to unlock knew ideas.

Notes from the various online projects presented in this session.

Karen James

Galapagos Live http://galapagoslife.wordpress.com

·         Survival Rival – teens compete against each other to make Darwin videos, winner goes to Galapagos.

·         Darwin Online: searches against all of darwin’s writings http://darwin-online.org.uk

·         Wanted girls who won the contest to recreate Darwin’s experience, taking notes, but doing so online and uploading photos.

NASA STS-133 Launch Tweetup http://www.nasa.gov/tweetup

·         Nasa has over 30 twitter accounts, astronauts tweet live from space.

·         People sign up for tweetup, 100-200 are selected, and get a front row seat to the launch

·         http://justin.tv/nasatweetup VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building

·         Commander of Shuttle is husband of Gabriel Giffords

·         Follow @nasa and @nasatweetup – will post link to signup

·         Follow #nasatweetup

ISS Wave http://isswave.org

·         Heavensabove website: give your location and it will tell you where to look to see the ISS in the night sky

·         @twist will send you a tweet when the ISS will pass that night.

·         Wouldn’t it be cool to coordinate a mass wave at the ISS around the world. Created a map of people waving at the ISS over the holidays.

·         ISS goes around every 90 minutes. Need to see it right at sunset to get the reflection of the suns rays.

·         Maybe schedule one for Yuri’s night, this year is the 50th anniversary (April ?DATE?)

Sophia Collins

I’m a Scientist http://imascientist.org.uk

·         See Stacy Baker’s Presentation

·         Students appear to get invested in scientists, rooting for them the way we root for designers on Project Runway.

·         Student’s ask scientists any question they want.

·         How hard would it be to set this up with Joomla or Drupal?

·         Go to website and look at archive from last year: 6,400 students asking thousands of questions.

·         Kids get engaged because of the reversal of power, students get to ask the questions and students get to decide which scientists get to move on.

·         60% of students went on the site in their own time at home.

·         Scientists got into it, staying up late making videos

·         Scientists can come from anywhere, students are primarily from UK, but other schools can apply

·         Majority of scientists are academic

Kristi Holmes

VIVO http://www.vivoweb.org

·         Semantic web platform to highlight scientists areas of expertise and interests.

·         120 people at 7 different institutions working on it.

·         So much information, vivo filters down to meaningful results

·         Harvests data from verified sources, uses RDF triples

·         For collaboration, finding resources in academia,

·         Did a search on biomedical informatics, got a list of potential collaborators

·         Profile with data from PubMed, coauthorship record

·         Each institution maintains their own data, allowing customization to the institution and what’s meaningful to the organization.

·         Open Source: see sourceforge

Adrian Ebsary

Peer Review Radio http://peerreviewradio.com

·         Interviews with scientists based around a theme, subjects are given questions before hand

·         Encourage students into journalism, teach them writing skills, train students in web design and sound editing skills