Most People Just Want Technology to Work

"Media are used by the masses if they have some relevance to everyday life," says Rolf Schulmeister, the educational researcher. "And they are used for aims that people already had anyway."

Young people have now reached this turning point. The Internet is no longer something they are willing to waste time thinking about. It seems that the excitement about cyberspace was a phenomenon peculiar to their predecessors, the technology-obsessed first generation of Web users.

For a brief transition period, the Web seemed to be tremendously new and different, a kind of revolutionary power that could do and reshape everything. Young people don't feel that way. They hardly even use the word "Internet," talking about "Google", "YouTube" and "Facebook" instead. And they certainly no longer understand it when older generations speak of "going online."


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 The Internet Generation Prefers the Real World
Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Dworschak, Manfred (08/06/2010), The Internet Generation Prefers the Real World, Spiegel Online International, Germany, Retrieved on -0001-11-30
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