The Term "Higher Animals"

So glibly do the phrases 'higher animals' and 'lower animals' trip off our tongues that it comes as a shock to realize that, far from effortlessly slotting into evolutionary thinking as one might suppose, they were - and are - deeply antithetical to it. We think we know that chimpanzees are higher animals and earthworms are lower, we think we've always known what that means, and we think evolution makes it even clearer. But it doesn't. It is by no means clear that it means anything at all. Or if it means anything, it means so many different things as to be misleading, even pernicious.


Is meaningless and confuses people.

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 The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
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17 MAY 2011

 Comparing Ourselves to Other Animals

Examples of authors referring to animals in nature for insights into human nature.