Clever References to Critical Theory

Really it is entirely about story, though not in any sense that any of you seem familiar with. Do you know nothing of narratology? Where is Derridean "play" and excessiveness? Foucauldian limit-attitude? Lyotardian language-games? Lacanian Imaginaries? Where is the commitment to praxis, positioning Jamesonian nostalgia, and despair as well as Habermasian fears of irrationalism as panic discourses signaling the defeat of Enlightenment hegemony over cultural theory? But no: discourses on this site are hopelessly retrograde. Mama Anarchia


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 Pattern Recognition (Blue Ant Book 1)
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Gibson, William (February 3, 2003), Pattern Recognition (Blue Ant Book 1), Berkley, Retrieved on 2024-04-28
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