Immersion in the Simulation Makes it Hard to Question It

Individuals become immersed in the beauty and coherency of simulation; indeed simulations are built to capture us in exactly this way. A thirteen- year- old caught up in SimCity, a game which asks its users to play the role of urban developers, told me that among her "Top Ten Rules of Sim" was rule number 6: "Raising taxes leads to riots." And she thought that this was not only a rule of the game but a rule in life.3 What may charm in this story becomes troubling when professionals lose themselves in life on the screen. Professional life requires that one live with the tension of using technology and remembering to distrust it.


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 Simulation and Its Discontents
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Turkle, Sherry (2009), Simulation and Its Discontents, MIT Press, Retrieved on 2021-03-02
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28 APR 2024


Memes on abstraction, reality, and empiricism.