The Authoritative Parenting Style

The most influential proposal about such styles has come from Diana Baumrind (1972), who has looked at combinations of four of the dimensions I've just described: (1) warmth or nurturance, (2) level of expectations, which she describes in terms of "maturity demands," (3) the clarity and consistency of rules, and (4) communication between parent and child. Baumrind saw three specific combinations of these characteristics:

• The authoritarian parental style is high in control and maturity demands, but low in nurturance and communication.

• The permissive parental style is high in nurturance, but low in maturity demands, control, and communicarion.

• The authoritative parental style is high in all four.


The most consistently positive outcomes have been associated with the authoritative pattern, in which the parents are high in both control and warmth, setting clear limits but also responding to the er self-esteem are more indenenH^^nt hnt .it thf^ same time are more likelv to comply with parental requests, and may show more altruisdc behavior as well. They are self-confident and achievement oriented in school and get better grades; they are less likely to show depression or delinquency (Dornbusch et al., 1987b; Steinberg, Elmen, & Mounts, 1989; Crockenberg & Litman, 1990). What is more, recent large scale studies have shown that this link is not an exclusively middle-class or Caucasian phenomenon: Authoritarian parenting is correlated with good outcomes among African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans as well as among Anglos (Steinberg et al., 1991),


VS: The Authoritarian Type. The Permissive Type. The Neglecting Type.

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