Despair, Cynicism, and Absurdism

Whereas modern cynicism brought despair about the ability of the human species to realize laudable ideals, postmodern cynicism doesn't — not because it's optimistic, but because it can't take ideals seriously in the first place. The prevailing attitude is Absurdism. A postmodern magazine may be irreverent, but not bitterly irreverent, for it's not purposefully irreverent; its aim is indiscriminate, because everyone is equally ridiculous. And anyway, there's no moral basis for passing judgment. Just sit back and enjoy the show.


I often see the attitudes of self-proclaimed cynics as actually expressions of despair. When I find myself enjoying media that these cynics claim to enjoy for nihilistic messages, like Rick and Morty, my appreciation of the media comes from what I see as absurdity.

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