Success as Proof of Virtue

Ivanka contrasts “proactive” people, who are “passionate and productive,” with “negative people,” those who are “swayed by the external and are frequently the victim of circumstance.” Her worldview, it turns out, is not so different from her father’s. Both see society through the lens of quasi-mystical corporate self-help, the sort pioneered by Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking and a major influence on Donald Trump. In their schema, success is proof of virtue and people are to blame for their own misfortune. If Ivanka Trump hasn’t expressed any outrage at the cruelties her father is inflicting on the poor and vulnerable, it may well be because she doesn't feel any.


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 Ivanka Trump’s New Book Exploits and Cheapens Feminism
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Goldberg, Michelle (05/02/2017), Ivanka Trump’s New Book Exploits and Cheapens Feminism, Retrieved on 2017-05-17
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