The Book Wheel

Ramelli's designs were very inventive and often required precise machining that was impossible in his day. Many were successfully manufactured and sold, two or three centuries later. Ramelli designed the "book-wheel" or “reading wheel” to present volumes of text to readers in whatever position they had last placed them.

The “book-wheel,” an alternative version of the revolving bookstand, is a device designed to allow one person to read a variety of heavy books in one location with ease. The books are rotated vertically (as opposed to a flat, rotating table surface), much like a Ferris wheel. To ensure that the books remained at a constant angle, Ramelli incorporated an epicyclic gearing and counterbalanced arrangement, a complex device that had only previously been used in astronomical clocks. The device was made completely of wood.


Not a direct quote from the text, but a description of what the book wheel was in Ramelli's book.

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 Le diverse et artificiose machine
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Ramelli, Agostino (1588), Le diverse et artificiose machine, Retrieved on 2011-04-15
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