The Singularity of the Human Species

The singularity of the human species, 1 the study and defence of which form the plan of this work, stands out principally in the actual characteristics of what we shall call in these pages the Noosphere (or thinking envelope) of the earth. But just because, forming a true singularity (and not a simple irregularity) in evolutionary matter, humanity is born not by an accident but from the prolonged play of the forces of cosmogenesis, its roots must theoretically be recognisable (as in fact they are to the vigilant eye) and capable of being followed to their vanishing point in the past; not only in the neuropsychical ' mutation ' from which the first thinking animal on earth sprang towards the end of the Tertiary; but further still, down to the base of the branch of primates ; and even, yet lower, in the actual mechanisms by which, over some billions of years the stuff of the Universe has been ceaselessly weaving itself.


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 The Appearance of Man
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Chardin, Pierre Teilhard de (1956), The Appearance of Man, Retrieved on 2016-06-15
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