Artificial Intelligence VS Intelligence Augmentation

IA, or Intelligence Augmentation, is all about empowering humans with tools that make them more capable and more intelligent, while traditional AI has been about removing humans fully from the loop. The traditional torch bearer for IA is Douglas Engelbart, who laid the seeds for much of the Personal Computer revolution with his famous Mother of All Demos in 1968, where he demoed the computer mouse, hypertext, windowing, videoconferencing, and more for the first time. Douglas Engelbart was focused on creating empowering tools (and accelerating human evolution) that augmented our intellects.


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 Intelligence Augmentation and the Myth of the “Golden Lost Age”
Electronic/World Wide Web>Blog:  Neuberg, Brad (2015), Intelligence Augmentation and the Myth of the “Golden Lost Age”, Retrieved on 2015-11-13
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