Hero of "Brave New World"

The hero of Brave New World is John, a young man who grew up on an Indian reservation in New Mexico. The reservation is inhabited by primitive peoples and maintained by the benevolent world government as a tourist attraction. It exists so that the civilized tourists can observe from a distance the nasty and brutish lives of people who have the misfortune to be unprotected by the cushions and comforts of technology. On the reservation, traditional religions and traditional customs are tolerated. John was born without the aid of ectogenesis, from a human mother. He found on the reservation an ancient volume containing the plays of Shakespeare, and acquired from it a taste for poetry and a tragic view of life. The theme of the novel is John's encounter with the civilized world. He makes friends in the civilized world and attempts to convert them to his way of thinking. He is asking them to rebel against everything they have been taught, to claim their personal freedom by cutting themselves off from their society, to choose pain and loneliness as the price of human dignity. Inevitably he fails. Not one of his friends understands him. For his friends, human dignity and tragedy have no meaning. For them, pain and loneliness are not tragic but merely absurd. So they laugh at his old-fashioned ideas and leave him in the final scene alone with his dignity, swinging in the wind at the end of a rope.


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 Imagined Worlds
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Dyson , Freeman (1997), Imagined Worlds, Retrieved on 2015-05-31
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