Spelling is an Invention, and May be Modified

Spelling was invented by man and, like other human inventions, is capable of development and improve- ment by man in the direction of simplicity, economy, and efficiency. Its true function is to represent as accurately as possible by means of simbols (letters) the sounds of the spoken (i. e. the living) language, and thus incidentally to record its history. Its prov- ince is not, as is often mistakenly supposed, to indicate the derivations of words from sources that ar in- accessible except to the learned, or to perpetuate the etimologic gesses of the partly learned.


Note the intentional use of simplified spelling in the text.

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 Handbook of Simplified Spelling
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Paine, Hanry Gallup (2009-06), Handbook of Simplified Spelling, BiblioBazaar, LLC, Retrieved on 2015-03-12
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    31 DEC 2010

     Arguments for English Spelling Reform

    This schema is a collection of arguments about how proper grammar, with its illogical and inconsistently applied rules, is used by academics and intellectuals to create a privileged class of people who's ideas deserve considering because they have successfully learned the irrational system.
    Folksonomies: phonetics grammar
    Folksonomies: phonetics grammar