High Rates of Return on College Education Comes with High Risk

Attending college has been considered one of the most protable investments, annualized returns ranging from 8% to 13% (Card 1999). I utilize a simple approach, as in Mehra and Prescott (1985), to quantify how much of the excess return to college is explained by its risk. I also explore the role played by heterogeneous ability by developing a life-cycle model with endogenous enrollment and analyzing the dropout risk effect on college returns.

Under the risk premium approach, the permanent income shock on wages explains 1% of the excess return to college education. Dropout risk explains 22% of the estimated excess return. Both sources of risk combined explain 51% of the excess return to college education.


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 College Risk and Return
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Castex, Gonzalo (August 2010), College Risk and Return, American Economic Association, Retrieved on 2015-03-08
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08 MAR 2015

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