College-Graduates have a Lower Unemployment Rate

We looked at the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which calculates the national unemployment rate as well as unemployment rates for various subgroups. Those subgroups include Americans of four specific educational attainment levels. They are: less than a high school diploma; a high school diploma but no college; some college experience but no college diploma; and a college diploma.

For those with less than a high school diploma, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 13.8 percent during July. For those with a high school diploma but no college, the rate was 10.1 percent. For those with some college experience but no college diploma, the rate was 8.3 percent. And for those with an undergraduate degree or better, the rate was 4.5 percent. That's less than one-third of the rate for high-school dropouts -- and it's exactly as Tyson said it was.


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 Laura Tyson says college grads have just 4.5 percent unemployment rate
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Jacobson, Louis (08/17/2010), Laura Tyson says college grads have just 4.5 percent unemployment rate, Retrieved on 2015-03-08
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