The Market Forces Driving AI

Pretty soon, it will be possible to buy artificially brained robots that perform useful tasks around the house. If the price of such robots can be made affordable, then the demand for them will be huge. I believe in time that the world economy will be based upon brain-based computers. Such devices will be so useful and so popular that everyone on the planet will want to own them. As the technologies and the economics improve, the global market for such devices will only increase to the point that most of the planet’s politics will be tied up in supporting it. Not only will the commercial sector be heavily involved in the production of ever smarter and ever more useful robots and artificial brain based devices, but so too of course will the military forces of the world.

It is unlikely in the next few decades that the planet will have formed a truly global state, with a global police force to defend its global laws. Instead I believe there will be a growing political rivalry over the next half century between the United States and China to be the world’s most powerful nation. This rivalry will ensure that the ministers of defense of both countries cannot afford to allow the other country to develop more intelligent soldier robots and other artificial brain based defense systems than their own. Hence, national governments will be heavily involved in pushing the development of military based artificial brain research that will only spill over in time to the commercial sector, as has been the pattern for over a century.

Thus the rise of artificial brain based robotics and related fields, seems unstoppable. There will be so much military and commercial momentum behind it that it is difficult to imagine how it could be stopped, unless somehow a mass political movement is formed to block its development.


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 The artilect war
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Garis, Hugo De (2005-02-28), The artilect war, Etc Pubns, Retrieved on 2015-02-15
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