Bubble of Viral Spacetime

‘The achievement of the Kaminari-zoku implies that there are other spacetimes. Certainly other regions of the Universe beyond our causal horizon. If rational actors have evolved in them, they will have broken their Planck locks – or worse, evolved natively in an environment with no restrictions on computational complexity. If so, it is likely that they will have optimised the expansion rate of their spacetime, turned into an expanding bubble of thought.

‘If so, such a bubble of viral spacetime could erase ours at any moment. It would propagate at the speed of light, giving no warning. Things would simply end.’

All-D smiles. ‘So, the rational thing to do is to do it first. We need to turn our Universe into a perfect replicating strategy to survive. We need to turn it into me.


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 The Causal Angel
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Rajaniemi, Hannu (2014-07-15), The Causal Angel, Macmillan, Retrieved on 2015-01-27
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