Mormonism as Transhumanism

Most Mormon Transhumanists consider our religion to be remarkably compatible with transhumanism. We consider Mormonism to be a religious transhumanism. Eternal progression is a central doctrine of Mormonism. Basically, the idea is that we have all existed in some form or another into the indefinite past; that we have been and are progressing toward becoming like God in a creative and benevolent capacity; and that we should each help others do the same into the indefinite future. Mormon scripture asserts the work of God to be that of bringing about immortality and eternal life, and invites us all to participate in that work.

Mormon scripture also situates us in the “Dispensation of the Fullness of Times” when God is accelerating the work, inspiring us with greater knowledge, and endowing us with greater power in preparation for the prophesied millennium, a time of transfiguration, immortality, resurrection, renewal of this world, and ultimately the discovery and creation of worlds without end. Early Mormon prophets, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, suggested that we would begin performing the ordinance of transfiguration before the millennium, and that immortals would begin performing the ordinance of resurrection during the millennium.


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    22 FEB 2015


    From our current human state of being to the transhuman future and the many species of posthuman our children may become.