Levels of Subsisdence

THE FIRST TIER VALUE SYSTEMS; The Levels of Subsistence[5]


"Survival/Sense. The Instinctive vMEME

  • Automatic, autistic, reflexive
  • Centers around satisfaction
  • Driven by deep brain programs, instincts and genetics
  • Little awareness of self as a distinct being (undifferentiated)
  • Lives "off the land" much as other animals
  • Minimal impact on or control over environment"[6]


"Kin Spirits. The Clannish vMEME

  • Obey desires of the mystical spirit beings
  • Show allegiance to elders, custom, clan
  • Preserve sacred places, objects, rituals
  • Bond together to endure and find safety
  • Live in an enchanted, magical village
  • Seek harmony with nature's power"[7]


"PowerGods. The Egocentric vMEME

  • In a world of haves and have-nots, it's good to be a have
  • Avoid shame, defend reputation, be respected
  • Gratify impulses and sense immediately
  • Fight remorselessly and without guilt to break constraints
  • Don't worry about consequences that may not come"[8]


"TruthForce. The Purposeful vMEME

  • Find meaning and purpose in living
  • Sacrifice self to the Way for deferred reward
  • Bring order and stability to all things
  • Control impulsivity and respond to guilt
  • Enforce principles of righteous living
  • Divine plan assigns people to their places"[9]


"StriveDrive. The Strategic vMEME

  • Strive for autonomy and independence
  • Seek out "the good life" and material abundance
  • Progress through searching out the best solutions
  • Enhance living for many through science and technology
  • Play to win and enjoy competition
  • Learning through tried-and-true experience"[10]


"HumanBond. The Relativistic vMEME

  • Explore the inner beings of self and others
  • Promote a sense of community and unity
  • Share society's resources among all
  • Liberate humans from greed and dogma
  • Reach decisions through consensus
  • Refresh spirituality and bring harmony"[11]


Levels of cognition in Spiral Dynamics.

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