The Importance of Altruism in Human Evolution

In proportion as physical characteristics become of less importance, mental and moral qualities will have an increasing importance to the well-being of the race. Capacity for acting in concert, for protection of food and shelter; sympathy, which leads all in turn to assist each other; the sense of right, which checks depredation upon our fellows ... all qualities that from earliest appearance must have been for the benefit of each community, and would therefore have become objects of natural selection.


Behaviors benefiting the community benefited the species.

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 Origin of human races and the antiquity of man
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Wallace, Alfred Russell (1864), Origin of human races and the antiquity of man, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society, London 1864, Retrieved on 2014-05-29
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16 JAN 2015

 The Ideal Mean of Altruism

The Importance of Altruism in Human Evolution > Contrast > If Everyone is Altruistic
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Folksonomies: altruism