God Gets Smaller as Knowledge Grows

“The progress of religion is defined,” writes the early-twentieth-century philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, “by the denunciation of gods.” Gods become fewer in number until there is only one—or a Father, Son and Holy Ghost adding up to one. And the qualities of the lonely God that is left are also denounced. He loses His home: God is no longer to be found inside a temple or even, after airplanes, enthroned atop a cloud. He loses His physical form: His beard, His voice, perhaps His body or even His gender. He is neither seen nor heard in public. He grows wispier, more abstract.


From many to one, from personification to invisible.

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 Imagine There's No Heaven
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Stephens, Mitchell (2014-02-25), Imagine There's No Heaven, Macmillan, Retrieved on 2014-04-21
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