How Ideologues Manipulate the Unfortunate

Because the character is white, and many of his targets are not, the movie could be read as racist. I prefer to think of it as a reflection of the real feelings of a lot of people who, lacking the insight to see how political and economic philosophies have affected them, fall back on easy scapegoating. If you don't have a job and the Korean shop owner does, it is easy to see him as the villain. It takes a little more imagination to realize that you lost your job because of the greedy and unsound financial games of the go-go junk bond years.


People fall to easy scapegoating because they cannot see the larger picture at work keeping them down in life.

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 Falling Down
Reviews>Motion Picture Review:  Ebert, Roger (February 26, 1993), Falling Down, Chicago Sun Times, Retrieved on 2011-03-04
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