Craft vs Industrial Tools

All of humanity's tool extensions are divisible into two main groups: the craft and the industrial tools. I define the craft tools as all those tools which could be invented by one man starting all alone, naked in the wilderness, using only his own experience and his own integral facilities. Under these isolated conditions he could and did invent spears, slings, bows, and arrows, etc. By industrial tools I mean all the tools that cannot be produced by one man, as for instance the S.S. Queen Mary. With this definition, we find that the spoken word, which took a minimum of two humans to develop, was the first industrial tool. It brought about the progressive integration of all individual generation-to-generation experiences and thoughts of all humanity everywhere and everywhen. The Bible says, "In the beginning was the word"; I say to you, "In the beginning of industrialization was the spoken word." With the graphic writing of the words and ideas we have the beginning of the computer, for the computer stores and retrieves information. The written word, dictionary and the book were the first information storing and retrieving systems.


Interesting taxonomy. Crafts are things we can make by our naked selves in a forest, while industrials require another human to produce.

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