Katherine Paterson on Time to Write

And then, of course, you can't be a writer unless you actually write, and it doesn't take as much time as people think. You know, the number of people who say, well, I'm going to write a book when I have time, they're never going to have the time. And I started writing seriously when I had four tiny children. Well, I mean I had one tiny child, two tiny child, three tiny children, four tiny children in just over four years, and that's when I began to write seriously. And I figured out that a lot is going on in your head when you're changing diapers and washing clothes and doing all those things that have to be done. And if you've got 10, 15 minutes a day to sit down and write, you'd have a book by the end of the year.


Katherine Paterson shares wisdom on writing... even with small children.

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 Beloved YA Author Katherine Paterson Shares Wisdom
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