Accountability in the Surveillance State

Where power intervenes, transparency fails to provide accountability. This is the main fact that the residents of the Planetary Consortium and their ilk must grasp. Public-accessible cameras and citizen sousveillance of police is not enough. To truly hold the people at the top accountable, publicams should be placed inside police stations, interrogation rooms, jails, security checkpoints, congressional chambers, and anywhere government officials meet with lobbyists, make decisions, and otherwise exercise their authority. Recording the police and government should not only be legal but required. Officers, politicians, and civil servants should be required to lifelog their activities, record all meetings, and broadcast their affairs. Budgets, expenditures, and contributions should all be logged. As public servants, they should be held even more accountable to the public than our neighbors and peers. And the only way the public can hold them accountable is if the public is informed.


Cameras must be everywhere, in politician's offices, interrogation rooms, everyone must watch everyone.

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 Eclipse Phase - Panopticon
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