The Internet is Fueled by Curiosity and Generosity

The Internet relies on our greed for knowledge and connections, but also on our astonishing online generosity. We show inordinate levels of altruism on the Internet, wasting hours on chat room sites giving advice to complete strangers, or contributing anonymously to Wikipedia just to enrich other people’s knowledge. There is no guarantee or expectation of reciprocation. Making friends and trusting strangers with personal information (be it your bank details or musical tastes) is an essential personality trait of an Internet user, despite being at odds with our ancestral natural caution. The data we happily give away on Facebook is exactly the sort of information that communist secret police sought through interrogation. By relaxing our suspicion (or perception) of strangers and behaving altruistically (indiscriminately) we share our own resources and gain access to a whole lot more.


It takes inquisitive minds to browse the Internet and generous minds to fill it with content.

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 By Changing My Behaviour, Over and Over Again
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Sumner, Seirian (January, 2010), By Changing My Behaviour, Over and Over Again, Edge Foundation, Inc., Retrieved on 2010-10-01
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    01 JAN 2010

     A Wild Wild Web Manifesto

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