Fear of Comets

When the movement of the comets is considered and we reflect on the laws of gravity, it will be readily perceived that their approach to Earth might there cause the most woeful events, bring back the deluge, or make it perish in a deluge of fire, shatter it into small dust, or at least turn it from its orbit, drive away its Moon, or, still worse, the Earth itself outside the orbit of Saturn, and inflict upon us a winter several centuries long, which neither men nor animals would be able to bear. The tails even of comets would not be unimportant phenomena, if in taking their departure left them in whole or part in our atmosphere


Lambert considers the gravity of the comet and how it might throw the Earth out past Saturn.

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 Cosmological letters on the arrangement of the world-edifice
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Lambert , Johann Heinrich (1976), Cosmological letters on the arrangement of the world-edifice, Science History Publications/USA, Retrieved on 2012-06-08
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