The Importance of Giants

What, then, is it in particular that can be learned from teachers of special distinction? Above all, what they teach is high standards. We measure everything, including ourselves, by comparisons; and in the absence of someone with outstanding ability there is a risk that we easily come to believe that we are excellent and much better than the next man. Mediocre people may appear big to themselves (and to others) if they are surrounded by small circumstances. By the same token, big people feel dwarfed in the company of giants, and this is a most useful feeling. So what the giants of science teach us is to see ourselves modestly and not to overrate ourselves.


They make the above average feel dwarfed.

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 Reminiscences and reflections
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Krebs , Hans (1981), Reminiscences and reflections, Oxford University Press, USA, Retrieved on 2012-06-08
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