Farm Animals Give Their Lives That We May Eat

One of the greatest metaphors in Western Civilization is that of Christ who gave his life so that others might live, and I don't want to be sacreligious and I don't want to belittle that myth in any way, but a pig is giving its life so that we might eat, a chickent is giving its life so that we might eat, and I think the least that we can do is to think about that chicken, to think about that calf that we're eating. Not neccessarily to be sad for it, but to celebrate it, to be aware of the being that it was. That it wasn't just this bit of bioengineered protein that somehow managed to find its way onto our plate.


A mindful quote from Jonathan Gold.

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 116: POULTRY SLAM 1998
Audiovisual Media>Audio Recording:  Glass, Ira (11.27.1998), 116: POULTRY SLAM 1998, This American Life, Retrieved on 2012-02-24
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