Mother Teresa as Campaigner

Mother Teresa has a theory of poverty, which is also a theory of submission and gratitude. She has also a theory of power, which derives from St Paul's neglected words about 'the powers that be', which 'are ordained of God'. She is, finally, the emissary of a very determined and very politicized papacy. Her world travels are not the wanderings of a pilgrim but a campaign which accords with the requirements of power. Mother Teresa has a theory of morality too. It is not a difficult theory to comprehend, though it has its difficulties. And Mother Teresa understands very thoroughly the uses of the biblical passage concerning what is owed to Caesar.


Hitchens outlines his perspective on the future saint.

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 The missionary position
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Hitchens , Christopher (1995), The missionary position, Verso Books, Retrieved on 2011-12-16
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