Periodicals>Journal Article:  Hartshorne, Joshua K. and Germine, Laura T. (2015 Apr), When does cognitive functioning peak? The asynchronous rise and fall of different cognitive abilities across the life span., Psychol Sci., 2015 Apr;26(4):433-43., Retrieved on 2016-12-24
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    24 DEC 2016

     Different Measure of Intelligence Peak at Different Ages

    One potential concern with cross-sectional data is that it may be subject to cohort effects. Our findings in Experiment 2 are consistent with the possibility that people born in 1945 have unusually large vocabularies, people born in 1980 have unusually good working memory, and people born in 1990 have unusually fast processing speed. Such concerns can be mitigated by converging results from cross-sectional datasets collected at different times (Schaie, 2005). Here, we compared results derived...
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