Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses>Doctoral Dissertation:  Emery, Thomas (11-11-1980), Iron and Life, USU Faculty Honor Lectures, Utah State University, Retrieved on 2016-03-06
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    06 MAR 2016

     Iron and Fever

    Warm-blooded animals have an elaborate physiological control system to maintain a constant body temperature. In man, this temperature is about 37°C. Any significant deviation from this temperature puts stress on the body and makes it difficult to maintain metabolic processes at their normal rates. Why then, during sickness, should the temperature rise? It would seem that development of fever would cause things to go from bad to worse, and make it more difficult for the body to recuperate. Fe...
    Folksonomies: medicine fever
    Folksonomies: medicine fever
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    Fever prevents bacteria from obtaining iron in the from the blood stream,

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