Periodicals>Journal Article:  Mocanu, Rossi, Zhang, Karsai, Quattrociocchi (13 Mar 2014), Collective attention in the age of (mis)information, Retrieved on 2014-04-21
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    21 APR 2014

     Consumers of Alternative News are More Likely to Fall for...

    Most of the online activism Facebook pages contain claims that mainstream media is manipulated by higher entities (and thus the information is be not neutral or reliable). Such an antagonism makes any kind of persuasion process, even if based on more solid information, very dicult. As a response to partisan debates, the emergent groups of trolls began to provide parodistic imitations of a wide range of online partisan topics. Despite the evident parodistic (and sometimes paradoxical) contents...
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    Memes that are satirical or paradoxical.