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    22 JAN 2014

     Descartes Rules

    I thought the following four [rules] would be enough, provided that I made a firm and constant resolution not to fail even once in the observance of them. The first was never to accept anything as true if I had not evident knowledge of its being so; that is, carefully to avoid precipitancy and prejudice, and to embrace in my judgment only what presented itself to my mind SO cleariy and distinctly that I had no occasion to doubt it. The second, to divide each problem I examined into as many ...
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    The basis for empiricism, even if he abandons them in his own arguments.

    14 OCT 2021

     I Think, Therefore I Am

    I had long before remarked that, in relation to practice, it is sometimes necessary to adopt, as if above doubt, opinions which we discern to be highly uncertain, as has been already said; but as I then desired to give my attention solely to the search after truth, I thought that a procedure exactly the opposite was called for, and that I ought to reject as absolutely false all opinions in regard to which I could suppose the least ground for doubt, in order to ascertain whether after that the...
    Folksonomies: philosophy metaphysics
    Folksonomies: philosophy metaphysics
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    The first paragraph is sound, but then the conclusions drawn in the second are not.