20 SEP 2011 by ideonexus

 The Asian Giant Hornet

One of the marvels of evolution is the Asian giant hornet, a predatory wasp especially common in Japan. It’s hard to imagine a more frightening insect. The world’s largest hornet, it is as long as your thumb, with a two-inch body bedecked with menacing orange and black stripes. It’s armed with fearsome jaws to clasp and kill its insect prey, and also a quarter-inch stinger that proves lethal to several dozen Asians a year. And with a 3-inch wingspan, it can fly 25 miles per hour (far fa...
Folksonomies: evolution hornet bee
Folksonomies: evolution hornet bee
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European honeybees are defenseless against this predator, but Asian honeybees have evolved an amazing counter attack.