Nerd Hate: Huckabee and Facebook Juveniles

Mike Huckabee's attack on President Obama for being a nerd sounds a lot like the attacks made by teenagers on the Facebook "I hate nerds" page.

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Obama is a Nerd, and That\'s Bad

[Obama White House is] the kid in school who waves his A test score in front of the entire class but never gets picked to play baseball. He’s an arrogant nerd, and no matter how smart he is, he can’t hit, he can’t throw and he can’t run.


Mike Huckabee says the problem with Obama is that he\'s a nerd and isn\'t into sports.

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A Selection of Nerd-Hating Quotes

Vivek Mishra: Nerds only do study and nothing else.They don\'t know how to love and they don\'t even know anything about friendship.They are fatso and are bloody psychos.Someone said that they are going to rule the world I think they are completely wrong because world is ruled by normal people who knows what is life all about.

Kyle Gjefle: I hate nerds because they think that they\'re so better than everybody else and they are annoying and they are teacher\'s pets

Milö Geary: Technology has made the world worse. What ever happened to survival of the fittest? I have no respect for autistic little shits who are good at tinkering with wires.

Samantha Mayne: I\'m not like a dummy or a slut or anything, but i despise nerds. they\'re just so up themselves


From the Facebook \"I Hate Nerds\" page.

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