Russian Transhumanism

An exploration of Cosmism, precursor to the modern transhumanist movement.

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The Philosophy of the Common Task, reference 1785

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15 JAN 2015

 Russian Transhumanism

Russia has always been considered a hotbed of utopias, both from above and from below, that is: State and intelligentsia (think of Peter the Great, Nikolai Chernyshevskii‘s socialist-utopian novel "What‘s to be Done" or Dostoevskii‘s ideal man Count Myshkin, the Idiot) – and at the same time there was a strong milleniarism among the people, a religious zeal leading to a variety of sects, peasant and folk beliefs resulting sometimes in bizarre mass movements. (Skoptsy) (This history h...
Folksonomies: transhumanism cosmism
Folksonomies: transhumanism cosmism
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13 JAN 2015

 Russian Utopias, Transhumanism and the Magus of Silicon V...

Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Menzel, Birgit ( Oct.10, 2013), Russian Utopias, Transhumanism and the Magus of Silicon Valley, Retrieved on 2015-01-13
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