Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  NASA, (March 9, 2004), Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies, NASA, Retrieved on 2012-01-06
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    06 JAN 2012

     Facts About the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

    1.How faint are the farthest objects? The Hubble observations detected objects as faint as 30th magnitude. The faintest objects the human eye can see are at sixth magnitude. Ground-based telescopes also can detect 30th-magnitude objects. Those objects, however, are so dim they are lost in the glare of brighter, nearby galaxies. Searching for the faintest objects in the Ultra Deep Field is like trying to find a firefly on the Moon. Light from the farthest objects reached the Hubble teles...
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    Interesting factoids about the epic photo that illustrate the scale of the Universe.