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    05 JAN 2012

     Mathematical Proof that an Arm's Length of DNA is in Ever...

    We know from X-ray diffraction studies that a strand of DNA is 1.5 nanometers (1.5 x 10 to the -9 meters) in radius. Assume a cylinder 1 meter long (the arm's length) with a radius of 1.5 nanometers and work out the volume (length x pi r-squared). A typical animal cell is about 8 micrometers (8 x 10 to the -6 meters) in radius. Assume a spherical cell and calculate the volume (4/3 pi r-cubed). Do it yourself. You will see that the DNA fits easily inside the cell, with plenty of room for all o...
    Folksonomies: mathematics dna
    Folksonomies: mathematics dna
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    Chet Raymo does the math to demonstrate this seemingly impossible scientific facts.

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