Periodicals>Journal Article:   (1902)Marconi and his Transatlantic Signal, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, Vol. 63, 782, Retrieved on 2011-09-14
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14 SEP 2011

 William Edward Ayrton Predicts the Cell Phone

Professor Ayrton said that we were gradually coming within thinkable distance of the realization of a prophecy he had ventured to make four years before, of a time when, if a person wanted to call to a friend he knew not where, he would call in a very loud electromagnetic voice, heard by him who had the electromagnetic ear, silent to him who had it not. “Where are you? ” he would say. A small reply would come, “I am at the bottom of a coalmine, or crossing the Andes, or in the middle of...
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And an important culture shift of always being in touch with our friends as we have with social networking.

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