Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Gould, Stephen J. (1999), Non Over-lapping Magisteria, Skeptical Inquirer , July August, 55-61, Retrieved on 2011-09-04
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04 SEP 2011

 NOMA - Non-Overlapping Magisteria

The text of Humani Generis focuses on the Magisterium (or Teaching Authority) of the Church—a word derived not from any concept of majesty or unquestionable awe, but from the different notion of teaching, for magister means “teaching” in Latin. We may, I think, adopt this word and concept to express…the principled resolution of supposed ‘conflict’ and ‘warfare’ between science and religion. No such conflict should exist because each subject has a legitimate magisterium, or dom...
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Stephen J. Gould's argument that science and religion do not conflict because they explore realms of knowledge that are completely separated.