Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Lebowitz, Fran (OCTOBER 1, 1997), Fran Lebowitz on Race and Racism, Vanity Fair, Retrieved on 2024-01-25
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    25 JAN 2024

     When Whiteness is the Default for Success

    It is now common—and I use the word “common” in its every sense—to see interviews with up-and-coming young movie stars whose parents or even grandparents were themselves movie stars. And when the interviewer asks, “Did you find it an advantage to be the child of a major motion-picture star?” the answer is invariably “Well, it gets you in the door, but after that you’ve got to perform, you’re on your own.” This is ludicrous. Getting in the door is pretty much the entire gam...
    Folksonomies: racism
    Folksonomies: racism
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