Periodicals>Newspaper Article:  Brooks, Arthur C. (July 2019), Your Professional Decline is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think, The Atlantic, Retrieved on 2024-01-25
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    25 JAN 2024

     Be Johann Sebastian Bach, not Charles Darwin

    What’s the difference between Bach and Darwin? Both were preternaturally gifted and widely known early in life. Both attained permanent fame posthumously. Where they differed was in their approach to the midlife fade. When Darwin fell behind as an innovator, he became despondent and depressed; his life ended in sad inactivity. When Bach fell behind, he reinvented himself as a master instructor. He died beloved, fulfilled, and—though less famous than he once had been—respected. The less...
    Folksonomies: aging profession
    Folksonomies: aging profession
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