Periodicals>Journal Article:  Jansen, Jørgensen, Daniel I. Avila, Lan, Donges, Österblom, Olsson, Nyström, Lade, Hahn, Folke, Peterson, Crépin (13 November 2023), Evolution of the polycrisis: Anthropocene traps that challenge global sustainability, Royal Society, Retrieved on 2023-12-23
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    23 DEC 2023

     Anthropocene Traps

    The concept of evolutionary traps has been used almost exclusively for studying how non-human species respond to cues in anthropogenic environments [24–34]. Key examples include artificial human lights attracting insects, island species responding naively to the presence of introduced predators, and seabirds not being able to discriminate between the cues of marine plankton and marine plastics [34–36] (figure 1a). In the context of humans, evolutionary mismatch is a much more frequently u...
    Folksonomies: evolution maladaptation
    Folksonomies: evolution maladaptation
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