Periodicals>Newspaper Article:  Varoufakis, Yanis (30 Oct 2023), The big idea: has the digital economy killed capitalism?, The Guardian, Retrieved on 2023-11-06
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    06 NOV 2023


    “If it ain’t a capitalist market, what in the sweet Lord’s name are we stepping into when we enter” a student at the University of Texas once asked me. “A type of digital fief,” I replied. “A post‑capitalist one, whose historical roots remain in feudal Europe.” Under feudalism, the overlord would grant so-called fiefs to subordinates called vassals. These fiefs gave the vassals the formal right to exploit economically a part of the overlord’s realm – to plan...
    Folksonomies: technofeudalism
    Folksonomies: technofeudalism
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